How does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a traditional technique that has been around for many years. In this process, a design is transferred onto a mesh screen and then a squeegee is used to push ink through the screen onto a garment. One color is printed at a time, so several screens are needed to print a multi-colored graphic. Our equipment has capabilities of printing custom designs up to 6 colors.

Advantages of screen printing:

  • Vibrant ink colors
  • Exact ink color match to maintain consistency
  • Thicker ink output sits on top of fabric for lengthy durability
  • Can be used on wide range of fabrics
  • Cost effective for bulk orders
Screen Printing

What products work best with screen printing?

Great option for schools, athletic teams, businesses and organizations who want their message to stand out on a variety of apparel choices. Most popular items requested are t-shirts and sweatshirts made up of both cotton and dry-fit styles.

screen printing example
screen printing example
screen printing example

How long is your turnaround?

We suggest allowing 7-10 business days for production after artwork and pricing have been approved. At times, our schedule may allow for jobs to be printed quicker. Please give us a call and we can work with you!


Vector files are best for screenprinting use. Please ensure all fonts are outlined and each color is set as a spot color. We also suggest having your design set at the size to be printed.

Preferred file types are:
(.ai) – Adobe Illustrator vector format
(.eps) – Universal vector format
(.pdf) – Universal vector format
(.cdr) – Corel Draw vector format

These file types may require additional design fees if artwork needs to be recreated.
(.psd) – Adobe Photoshop layered format
(.jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif) – Raster based images

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