You’ve probably never heard of Tocsin, Indiana.  It’s in Wells County and south of Fort Wayne. In Tocsin, you learned hard work early, and how to create your own fun. Little League baseball was my summer highlight and I dreamed of being the next Frank Thomas for the Chicago White Sox. I never made an out at first base in Comiskey Park, but thankfully my little league number lives on…#18.

You see, the number #18 in 18 Threads reminds me of my roots. It represents hard work, creativity, and a dream. I’m a small-town guy who married his high school sweetheart. I didn’t have the money or the attention span to go to college, so I worked on a pig farm while teaching myself graphic design. It’s been my dream to not just run my own business, but to build a community of customers beginning with a cup of coffee and continuing after a handshake.

18 Threads is much more than shirts and hats. It’s my way of making the world smile. At 18 Threads, we want to illuminate the hearts and minds of our customers through a creative and customized process.

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